2008 Predicted Log Contest Schedule

                 2008 Contest Schedule


  Spring Series                                           Host             Location

Apr. 26     Barzilay*                                      DRYC                SM Bay

May 17     Cyrano Cup                                 CYC                   SM Bay

May 17     Masters Perpetual                         DRYC                SM Bay

July  12     Leland Cup                                  CYC                   SM Bay


   Fall Series

July  12    Abel Trophy                                 DRYC                SM Bay

Aug. 22   Champagne Cup*                          CYC                   SM Bay

Sep. 6     Commodore’s Trophy                    DRYC                SM Bay

Sep. 6     Vice Commodore’s                        CYC                   SM Bay


* These races are run in conjunction with an SCCA race.


May          Barusch – Castagna   May 30 – June 1          PCYA     San Diego Yacht Club, Ca

October    NAI National           October 1 – 4             NACA   San Diego Yacht Club, Ca


Season Trophies:

Top Ten                                                          Top Ten Highest Scores

Championship Perpetual Trophy                          Best 5 out of 8 Races

Lurie Fleet Perpetual Trophy                               Best 6 out of 8 Races

Castagna Perpetual Trophy                                Highest total points for entire season.

Spring and Fall Series Keeper Trophies                 High Total of First four and last 4 races

First Year Racer Perpetual                                 First-year Best 5 out of 8 Races.

Commodore E.F. Grant Trophy                           Highest Point Yacht Club.

Barusch and NAI National                              Best 6 out of 8 Races (NAI)+(BC)+(BC)